You helped me through many situations over the years. Some were very serious, some mere creations of my mind. In all cases, no matter, you were an open ear. You never judged, no matter how silly what I said must have sounded at the time. For both my real and created crises, you were the best sounding board I've ever had. Knowing when to listen, when to talk, and when to simply repeat what I had said so I could hear it for myself. I love that you never once told me what to do, but instead were always a helpful, open hand, down whatever path I needed to take, to get to where I needed to be. Your grace and guidance are a true gift and your presence in my life makes my experience richer.

I love you! And my life would be much duller without you. You bring with you a radiance of light and I am not ashamed to say that more than once you have been my lighthouse safely guilding me to shore :)

            – T

Erin is great.  Her greatness engreatened my own greatness, to the point that when I finally realized how great it all was, I was amazed at how much greater the feeling of greatness really felt.  It felt great.  I mean, really great.  How great is that?  Answer: pretty great.

            – A satisfied client


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