Wednesday, December 22, 2010

...let the darkness come upon you and sit with it a while.

This post is a treasure I collected from Witch, please!. It gripped my attention and brought me to an attention for this season that settled into my bones.

Understanding nature in the way she describes - by allowing it all, not trying to tie it up in rainbows and make it candy scented - but being willing to dance with what is dark and brutal about it, applies to the deep work of the heart, too. Getting in touch with your passion, your creativity, your power - It can feel a lot more like meeting Death, than the vitality we might hope for - that comes, but in season. And when its a dark time for you, remember these words:

There is beauty in the destruction of things that no longer function as they should. There is a peace that comes from saying goodbye to what was and letting Death take what we cannot hope to keep. There is strength found in embracing the darkness not as some tarted up fantasy fuck, but as she really is, cold and deadly and incredibly beautiful. Love Winter. Love cold. Listen to the wisdom of the frozen season and befriend the darkness. Fast, and know emptiness.*** Keep the Night's Vigil and know exhaustion. Die here and be reborn a different flower in the spring. This is the sacred cycle. This is the truth of Nature.

This is Winter. Welcome!


Kirohn said...

The fear of darkness that our culture holds turns winter solstice into a celebration of the return of the light and yet we don't celebrate the return of the dark on summer solstice. This winter I've gave myself permission to be low energy, uninspired, to rest and be dead in some ways - what a relief not to be in a battle with what the season was asking of me.

erinsings said...

Kirohn,I wish you a nourishing incubation and rest - a blessed death. And a glorious rebirth when it's time.

I love to celebrate the darkness's coming at summer solstice - i love to notice the descent of a day into a night - as much as i love the return of light. but it can be hard to find a common language to feel as though one can appreciate that alongside others, so thank you for sharing and appreciating the dark for what is with me.


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