Friday, December 24, 2010

And let it have its way with you.

The invitation is everywhere. For me, it came in his body possessed by his music. Just watch how he coils around his violin willing to do whatever it takes to produce the sounds demanding to be made. There is the building of tension on his face as the intensity of sound builds and a release of bliss as the music moves from his soul, through is arm and out through electrical currents into my ears, and my soul.

Obviously his skill is inimitable, genius. His compositions are exquisite in and of themselves. But it goes beyond that. I love to watch how his bandmates communicate with each other on stage, the body language is intimate, spontaneous, seductive - its like eavesdropping on a sexy and dynamic language.

There is a reason I would rather watch music being made or be part of making it live than recordings - because it is more than vibrations in my ears. If I relax into it, the sounds take me on a journey through a range of emotional landscapes elevated into mythical realms as though they are being told to me by the gods themselves.

I can tell it's magic by how the entire stage transforms. And I might be left out by not showing up with my heart open. but there is no other requirement of me. His passion is indiscriminate. I feel that passion truly works that way - it cares if you're open, but doesn't seem to have many other requirements.

So on christmas eve, I open to a passion that infuses my time with my family, for the treats and food and the time I spend with the cold and dark or in love and delighted as they come. And I give thanks for other passionate people existing in the world, sharing their gifts, inspiring us with their rawness. If you get a chance to see Dr. Draw live - do it.


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